Today, art murals and graffiti art, show up to win back the ground, leaving room for the wall tapestries (wallpapers) and cheap sticker printing solutions. This is because the design quality, the artistic value, the quality of the materials and their durability, make up for the remarkable values of a mural.


The truth about art murals, wall paintings & graffiti

  • The appropriate paint allows the wall to ‘breathe’ preventing it from bulging and cracking
  • When using the appropriate materials on a ‘healthy’ wall, the paint will not peel.
  • You can re-paint any time you decide for a change.
  • You have many more color choices in paints than in wallpapers
  • There are countless choices of finishing effects like gloss/matt finishes, vibrant pearls, transparent, metallic, deep candies, fluorescent, 3D textures and many more.
  • Any pattern or image can be painted and reproduced by a professional artist
  • Any new idea or image customization can be done according to the client’s needs resulting in a personal and unique outcome.
  •  Any damage on the artwork can be fixed with perfection!
  • Here, I can create what YOU want and NOT what the mass production wallpaper companies decided for you!
  • Standing in front of a real mural, art wall painting or graffiti art work, the outcome is very impressive! This can’t be compared with a cheap sticker/wallpaper solution.


The truth about wallpapers & sticker art 

  • A good wallpaper application is not as cheap as people think.
  • If it starts to peel, you have to fix it, which is a hassle.
  • If you try to replace a pattern, there is always a possibility to be out of stock.
  • There is a problem when painting over existing wallpaper.  It will not look as nice, and its future removal is harder.
  • Over time the wallpaper will begin to peel according to glue failure, to the wall expansion-contraction and also due to the trapped humidity between the wallpaper and the wall.
  • If you are planning to sell a house, have in mind that not many people like wallpaper, and you cannot remove them easily.
  •  It is costly to remove it and fix any occurring damages, and at last you cannot predict the hidden damages/imperfections of the wall (cracks, humidity, holes, loose material, woodworms for wood, mold…) that it may hide! 
  • All joints are showing, with the ugly overlapping stripes destroying the aesthetics of the wall.
  • It is absolutely impossible to have a printed image with a gradient effect starting from the wallpaper area and getting totally blended to the next wall surface without having a separation line of the two.  
  • Many times the vibrant loose pixels in combination with an out of focus low resolution image definitely destroy the custom printed wallpaper image. 
  • Over time if you decide to replace a damaged part of a wallpaper, you will realize that the color tones of both parts cannot match (even if they come from the same roll) because the environment conditions darken (dirty) or discolor it
  • It is impossible to fix partially even a small scratched/destroyed part without replacing the entire roll.
  • Cheap wallpaper together with low cost application products will always affect the quality and the duration of it. At the beginning it may cost you nothing to install, but at the end it may cost you a fortune to replace and fix it!
  • Standing in front of a wallpaper image, there is no way you can have the impression of a real, one of a kind art-mural, but instead you get that of a printed one which everyone can get. 

Savvas Koureas

(AnexitiloN art work)