Frequently asked questions regarding 'ART & DESIGN WORK' have been answered below. If you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your request promptly.

How much does your work cost?

ART/ DESIGN WORK pricing is determined by various factors such as the complexity and the style of the design, difficulty of access to the work area, size or scale of the project, materials expenses, other complementary processes, research, final installation expenses and also by the timeframe for the completion of the overall job created. 

The overall pricing for any type of project, can only be determined after an on-site consultation has been completed.

How long does it take to complete a project?

The timeframe that is needed for an art/design work to be completed, mainly depends on most of the factors I mentioned above. This can be time- scaled and predicted in cooperation with the client.

Can you send your artworks abroad?

Artworks can be shipped anywhere in the world, as long as their value is already paid. The courier expenses have to be covered by the client as well. 

How can I get informed about the progress of a project?

In case of long scale projects, digital photos can be emailed to you so that you can see your art/design work as it progresses.

Could it be possible to have an art/design work created, based on my own ideas?

The first stage of any creative process is to get all the relevant information you can provide me. It is impossible to start creating for any customer without a thorough understanding of the theme, his/her needs and also without discussing their thoughts and ideas. I strongly encourage people to provide me with any helpful information as the key for the best artistic outcome. 

Can you restyle an existing art/design work I already have?

I personally prefer to create something from scratch, if it has to do with someone else’s work. I apologize, but if the existing art/design work is already copyrighted, then I do not have the right to alter it. If it is not copyrighted, or if you have the permission to alter it, then it is no problem. 

I could do whatever you like!

How far do you travel for work?

‘AnexitiloN art work’ is located in Nicosia, servicing the whole island of Cyprus for any project.

I am open to discuss travelling for services provision to any part of the world. 

Are paintings framed?

The paintings are normally delivered without a frame, but can be framed if it is preferred with an extra cost added to the final price.