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AnexitiloN art work

AnexitiloN is the creative 'alter ego' of the artist-designer Savva K. Coureas, who belongs to the generation of modern creators.

AnexitiloN's field of activity includes engaging with projects related to arts, creation (art & design creations) and cosmetic (aesthetic) upgrade.

More specifically, the business uptakes projects relative to Painting, Aerography ( airbrushing ) on any surface, product - interior - graphic design as well as Visual installations (art installations). AnexitiloN has set up a broad system of external partners that provide for supportive tasks. There is no specific working schedule. Due to the nature of its services, the only certainty is the delivery time and the quality of the finished product. The scope of AnexitiloN is quite broad, with various operations been performed throughout the world involving almost daily traveling.


A number of mentors and partnerships set up that provided a valuable art-projects network.

Opportunities and plans for the future

The main opportunity for the sector is the recent shift in art and specialized art for the market. There are a lot of things happening and more and more into the information age, one is able to reach far beyond geographical restrictions. This in terms of both projects and partnerships.

The goal is to push further the boundaries and seek more and new partnerships in the broader sector to take on art related projects. This, translated fiscally as well will allow for a broader freedom of movements and evolve AnexitiloN to a more international concern. With more time and money invested in the sector, both at the local and the EU level, the recent turn towards art as well as the creative & cultural industries in general, should help see this through, not only for AnexitiloN but for stakeholders all around.

Pitfalls and challenges

To work as a freelancer in the sector of the Cultural and creative industries, one needs to create a strong spiritual and aesthetic background, self-confidence, a code of morality and ethics, as well as patience and perseverance. These all took and take time to build and it was through many lessons, some more painful than other that they were acquired. Unfortunately, there is no short and painless path. The road to success is made with mistakes and omissions. It is all about approaches and balances. Capital is always short and so are sponsors. The creative element needs to be balanced with the business part of it and this was the greatest challenge.

Moreover and on a personal note, AnexitiloN believes that the creation of such a business is associated with the accurate identification of the inclination and talent. This must come first as it will then methodically work on the charisma and set on a sound business plan it will be capable of providing for the 'take off'! With a more 'lukewarm' and conventional approach to the issue, any business or artist will be headed for a long way in mediocrity. This is something AnexitiloN seeks to avoid.