Please see below the screen shots of the presentation named ‘LIVE BODY AIRBRUSHING ’, done by the ‘Cyprus International Tattoo Convention’ website. This is a constant presentation at their website, which has been annually updated through the years 2014-2019.

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Once again, the artist Savvas Koureas (AnexitiloN) has been chosen to join us, presenting a unique full-body airbrushing performance on alternative styled models. This time, his ‘Extravaganza Art Theater’ show, filled with art improvisations, will unfold before a live audience.

Body Airbrushing is a kind of art commonly used for fantasy characters visualization and for temporary tattoo application, for filming, performances, photo-shootings and promotional campaigns. Body art, is one of the oldest ceremonial art forms initially seen in ancient tribes, becoming the forefather to tattooing.