See below the screen shots of the presentation named ‘ANEXITILON – airbrushing & kustom paint jobs’, done by the ‘Cyprus International Tattoo Convention’ website. This is a constant presentation at their website, which has been annually updated through the years 2014-2019.


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ANEXITILON (airbrushing & ‘kustom’ paint jobs)

‘AnexitiloN’ is the brand name of the artist Savvas Koureas, established in 1998.
His work is widely recognised for its aesthetic diversity, together with avant-garde values.

Some of his art pieces are permanently displayed at governmental and municipal buildings, at museums and private collections.

As a ‘kustom kulture’ revivalist, he does the followings:

  • ‘Kustom’ freehand Airbrushing on any surface (bikes, cars, helmets, boats, art mural wall paintings, musical instruments, canvasses, shoes… almost everywhere!)
  • Full body airbrushing for promotional campaigns, shootings and filming
  • Tattoo flash art and custom designs by order
  • Fashion accessories (design & branding)