Savvas C. Koureas

He was born in Nicosia in 1977. He has apprenticed to the painter L. Economou, attended 'Mechanical Engineering' at 'ATI' and 'Design & Technology' at the Sunderland University.
Since 2002 he works as a secondary school teacher. He has created the 'ANEXITILON' Art & Design studio in Nicosia, where he works as a freelance artist-designer.
He is a member of the art organizations ‘E.K.A.T.E’ and ‘Open Studios within the walls of Nicosia’. Occasionally he participates in various exhibitions, presentations and cultural events in Cyprus, abroad and on the Internet.

In his work he expresses himself by painting, drawing, airbrushing, product design, graphic design, interior design and art installations. His concepts are expressed through the arts, aesthetics and design. According to each case, he uses a wide range of techniques and means of presentation for the best possible outcome. His projects are either conventional, or avant-garde with no ideological barriers; always respecting the human being, our history and culture.