Artickle Don AnexitiloN: Organic Beings Vs Mechano-Technology

After finishing as a Mechanical Engineer (HTI), Savvas Koureas (Don AnexitiloN) continued his studies in Design and Technology (Sunderland University).His interdisciplinary study offered him the chance to come by and process the complementary pairing of technology knowledge and design methods. Sharing an intimacy with the arts, his knowledge was soon incorporated into the art field, creating his own art + design studio “AnexitiloN”. His studio, located in the old town of Nicosia, functions as a permanent exhibition area of his work, accommodating art and design workshops and all kinds of cultural happenings.

Biogenetic mechano-genesis of ruinous blast.

he ‘Biogenetic mechano-genesis of ruinous blast’, is an art project based on the experimental design-work of comics, with the use of various styles/techniques and means of presentation. The work of art mainly deals with the disastrous mixture of the organic beings’ structure with the mechano-technology and the final birth of ‘Mechanogenetics’. All these, as a cross-dimensional warfare of the entities, are fighting for the prevalence of the strong. Savvas Koureas proposes his own universal model which has to do with ‘Dark Fantasy’ art, in addition to surreal biomechanical elements.