Absinthe is a historic highly alcoholic remedy of 45–74% by volume. It is an anise-flavored spirit derived from several botanicals, including the ‘Artemisia Absinthium (grand wormwood).

Hellenic Origins

The medical use of ‘wormwood’/ Artemisia (in honor of the Hellenic goddess Artemis) dates back to ancient Egypt. Wormwood extracts and wine-soaked wormwood leaves (absinthites oinos) were used as remedies by the ancient Greeks.

The use of the non-Indoeuropean consonant complex ‘νθ’ (nth) to the word absinthe, uncovers its pre-Greek Pelasgian roots.

Also, among other manuscripts it is mentioned in the ‘Revelation’ of St. John.

Responsible Drinking

Apart from its pharmaceutical and stimulant uses, the overuse of the ingredient ‘Thujone’ may cause not only hallucinations but nervous system damage as well. The safest way to enjoy the ‘Green Fairy’ is the responsible consumption of legal distillery products, by adults. ‘AnexitiloN art work’ is strictly against any drug-based substances that may be added to any absinthe products.

Absinthe, the Drink of the Intellectuals

Through the years, the drink of the ‘Green Fairy’ not only touched the lives, but also influenced and inspired the works  of many artists, writers, and intellectuals such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas, Edvard Munch, Paul Verlaine, Toulouse Lautrec, A. Modigliani, Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Édouard Manet and Salvador Dali.

Absinthe Ritual Fire Service

  • Pour a shot glass (of about 30ml) of absinthe into a tall goblet.
  • Lay a special perforated ‘absinthe ritual spoon’ with a sugar cube across the rim of the goblet.
  • Pour a few droplets of absinthe over the sugar cube.
  • Light the sugar cube on fire and wait until it melts into the goblet.
  • Stir with the spoon.
  • Add some cold water to quench the flames and produce the ‘louche’ (cloudy) effect.
  • Cheers!

Ritual Spoons

The traditional way to enjoy the ‘Green Fairy’ is to use a specific slotted spoon for dissolving sugar cubes with the aid of fire. For the best stimulation outcome, ‘AnexitiloN art work’ presents a special edition of stainless-steel absinthe spoon.  Its innovative shape (copyrighted), cleverly designed by Savvas Koureas, makes it hang on goblets for helping the release of the Artemisia spirits during the absinthe ritual service.

AnexitiloN art work